BLMmenu Black Lives Matter
-bronze, gold thread, found object.
canyonsmenu.jpg Canyons
Collaborative work with Ariel Lavery
Exhibited: Modular Art Pods, OZ Arts, Nashville, TN.
sawbrmenu Sawtooth Hanger
-bronze, lost PLA 3D print casting.
MLFNCEmenu Maleficence
-CNC cut plywood, pine, steel, light bulb, speaker, Arduino.
MONAUBmenu Appearance of Monsters/Aubade
-collaborative audio/video installation.
enddrmenu  The End Part II
-Computer generated 3D graphics, screen printing, hand drawn lines on paper.
crushedmenu.jpg “crushed underneath remarkable florists”
-CNC cut plywood, aluminum, hardware, 136 light sockets and light bulbs, electrical cord.
scriptfrmmenu Script Form 
-CNC cut plywood, 1.25″ incandescent light, electrical cord, speaker, Arduino.
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