Artist Biography

Christopher Lavery
(Assistant Professor of Art, Sculpture, Murray State University, KY)

MFA University of Colorado at Boulder
BA State University of New York at Fredonia

Christopher M. Lavery has exhibited his work nationally in Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska, New York, San Francisco, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, Denver Art Museum, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as internationally in Columbia, Czech Republic, France, Israel, Mexico, Palestine, and Peru. In 2008, he was awarded the Emerging Public Artist Project Grant from the Colorado Percent for the Arts at Denver International Airport for his project entitled Cloudscape; a monumental scale project that won an award in 2010 from the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network. Christopher has held residency at the well-known Vermont Studio Center where he began to develop a new body of work about the rapidly developing global warming crisis and the melting
of the polar icecaps.

Christopher is a practitioner of a profession that is able to ask questions as a basis for its objective reality
and creates works that reflect his personal questionings/observations of the world. He often researches
his work by visiting the site or place that the artwork will be exhibited and is informed by the nature of a
space—often influenced by the specific characteristics of the site, place and cultural connections. He is
an artist who puts into his practice visual art as a philosophical way of living, stating that an “Art practice
in the postmodern era is questionable and undeniably dysfunctional due to the nature of equal sensibilities
developed towards undefined or lost humanitarianism.”

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