a hundred years ago today a man was sitting in a room 2003
What Made You Start Again?, MFA Thesis, CU Art Museum, University of Colorado at Boulder
-Installation; video, wood, colored lighting, 5 shotguns, 83 audio speakers playing crow hunting records, 7 small video monitors in floor playing deconstructed films of Godzilla.
north, south, east, west 2003
Sound Installation; wood constructed table (1’7”x1’7”x3’), 40 audio speakers playing voices speaking “north, south, east, west”  in several languages, shielded copper wire.
Dusk to Night of Suburbia 2003
Sound Installation; 56 audio speakers rotating the audio of a cricket, shielded copper wire.
The Loneliness of Suburban Nights 2003
Installation; door with low window, bug zapper, wood, paint, 12 audio speakers playing lonely dogs barking.
War Shirt 2003
dress shirt, 1000 plastic army men, female mannequin torso, wood, stainless steel.
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