BASE Collective

A group of aspiring artists got together and decided to form a collective – B.A.S.E. collective (boulder alternative space exploration); an alternative artistic community in which to grow from and exchange ideas, experiences, and art.

Meaghan Burritt
Elaine Carter
Lauren Marie Cherry
Maggie Flickinger
Sylvia Jung
David Krause
Christopher Lavery
Stephen V. Martonis
Jason Sheppard
Ariel Simpson-Johnson
Alexis Valentine
Matthew Creel Weedman

BASE Collective is a group of motivated independent artists representing multiple styles and disciplines. They are committed to the progress and increased level of understanding and awareness of contemporary forms of art.  While the members of this group value the world of academia, they have joined in an effort to expand the art dialogue beyond the university setting, particularly in the Boulder and surrounding areas.   Through exhibiting, making new emerging artwork accessible and exploring alternative spaces, BASE Collective is fully dedicated to expanding the art scene within Boulder while becoming a resource to the local community. Our members represent a vast array of artistic talent and expertise. We are a melting pot of continuous feedback, critiques, and physical resources, all of which substantiate and aid in the success of each project.

Micro Gall WP

Micro Gallery

The Inaugural Show
BASE Collective
The Lounge, Boulder, CO
Yard Sale WP

The Yard Sale

07/26/2008  8:00 AM to 4:00 PM
Boulder, CO 80304


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