Cloudscape WP


-materials: steel, polygal, LED Lighting, solar panels.

Public Sculpture
Exhibited: Denver International Airport Emerging Public Artist Project

-for more information please see http://www.thecloudscape.com

no place WP

No Place But Now

No Place But Now, California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, CA. (Two Person Collaborative Exibition)

NO PLACE but NOW was a transcontinental,collaborative project created specifically for the Minna Gallery at CIIS by artists Ethan Worden and Christopher Lavery. Ethan and Chris, who are both sculptors, worked together to investigate the notion of place despite 2,700 miles between them. The installation, on view from late May-July 2010, integrated a range of media and means.

subatomic WP


“the distance between hurling subatomic particles intercepts between bed sleep and ground sleep keeping me awake in 1988-in laundromats spinning, hurling, accelerating futures determined within ancient rituals and current manifestations.”
-materials: wood, paint, pastel, fabric, LED lights, electronics, audio of geese, audio/video of subway.

Exhibited: Pandemonium, Art Faculty Exhibition, UMF Art Gallery, Farmington, ME.

Parades WP


It goes without saying this is essential to their faith; an ode to supplemental dives; to possible uncertainties and songs with the lyrics “my dog has fleas”.

-materials: 3 DVD players, 3 audio amplifiers, 6-2inch speakers, 2 Italian motor scooter helmets, 6 public address style plastic outdoor audio speakers, wires, 2 handmade synthesizers, wood, live audio recordings of “Old Crow Indian Band” Farmington, ME.

Exhibited: IKNEWAMAN’S Light Show, Marxhausen Gallery of Art, Concordia University, Nebraska

Cold War WP

Cold War

“Nebraskan Nights: an end to the cold war between us.”

materials: handmade Hex Schmitt Trigger noise synthesizers with photo-resistors, Italian scooter helmets, speakers, wood.

Exhibited: IKNEWAMAN’S Light Show, Marxhausen Gallery of Art, Concordia University, Nebraska

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