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“Development in form or structure during transmission from an original source accustomed to a shift in being.”
-materials: wood, plaster, steel, copper, ear plugs, A/V equipment, foam, video (shot on iPhone).

Exhibited:Community Gala, Emery Community Arts Center, UMF Farmington (inaugural event-September 2011)

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CoLab: pieces collectively created and performed.

Nearly all the works in this exhibition/performance were created collaboratively by the faculty (and associates) in the Department of Sound, Performance, and Visual Inquiry. Each member of the collective initiated a work of any kind—image, video, sculpture, poem, musical piece, dramatic monologue, etc.—and passed it to the next person, who added, altered, or otherwise responded to what he or she received. The new piece was then passed further along the line, the goal being that everyone would eventually make a contribution to each work. The process ended up much less predictable and systematic than that, but the results were surprising and delightful.

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“…but remarkably erect; and his voice the sweetest I had ever heard…we all wanted to play basketball but ended up here.”
-materials: inflatable fabric and mylar objects, audio of endless basketball game, records, outdoor pa speakers, pink LED lights.

Solo Installation, Emery Community Arts Center, Farmington, ME.

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Hoaxed II (Lochness)

“I was a child in a big lake learning of my natural surroundings.  I was an older child in a bigger lake learning of my artificial memory.”
-materials: closed circuit television, water, wood, tub, ink, paper.

Solo Exhibition: Hoaxed, Stella Haus Blue Star Contemporary Art Center, San Antonio, TX.

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