pieces collectively created and performed by:

Gaelyn Aguilar
Gustavo Aguilar
Phillip Carlsen
Jayne Decker
Christopher M. Lavery
Sarah Maline
Dawn Nye
Stephen Pane
Katrazyna Randall
Peter Simmel

Nearly all the works in this exhibition/performance were created collaboratively by the faculty (and associates) in the Department of Sound, Performance, and Visual Inquiry. Each member of the collective initiated a work of any kind—image, video, sculpture, poem, musical piece, dramatic monologue, etc.—and passed it to the next person, who added, altered, or otherwise responded to what he or she received. The new piece was then passed further along the line, the goal being that everyone would eventually make a contribution to each work. The process ended up much less predictable and systematic than that, but the results were surprising and revealing.

Oblit thumb WP

Obliteration of a Memory/Something Facing South

-video on LCD screen with audio and three boxes filled with spices and a moth.

Bones thumb WP

Them Bones

…there was a noise, a rattling sound, and the bones came together, bone to bone and we listened–Ezekiel 37:1-14

-materials: antique radio horns, woods, audio/video equipment, audio processed in Max/MSP.

Poultry thumb WP


-materials: chicken and rooster forms with pink LED lights.(Katrazyna Randall/Christopher M. Lavery)

The End thumb WP

The End

-materials: small video projection, rubber gorilla hand, altered projection screen, audio/video equipment.

Intifada thumb WP


-gas mask, snare drum, wood, audio equipment, poem.

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