ICEB thumb WP Iceberg
“What are you doing with that iceberg?”
-wood, steel, audio/video equipment, arduino, photoresistor sensors, max/MSP patch, Mac mini, ice chest, arctic travel videos from youtube sources.
3DDTH 3D Drawings
-drawings developed in 3D digital space.
wbmnsew Word Bubble: North. South. East. West.
-materials: steel, wood, WiFi LAN, digital media, sound.exhibited: New Forms from the Southeast, Tattenall Square, Macon, GA.
Speakmenu Speaker
from series: Don’t/No/Cannot
cldchld Cloudscape
-materials: steel, polygal, LED Lighting.Public Sculpture Children’s Museum of Denver.
Cloudshomemenu.jpg Clouds at Home
-materials: steel, polygal, LED Lighting.
Outdoor sculptural work in Vail, CO.
staticmenu Static
Public Sculpture
University of West Georgia, GA.
phonemenu.jpg Bacharach’s Waiting.
Hotel telephone that only plays Burt Bacharach hit songs.
Tiger Strikes Asteroid-Satellite, Art Basil, Miami, FL.
miamifogmenu Never Keep Us Apart.
Outdoor public address speakers, audio/video equipment.
Tiger Strikes Asteroid-Satellite, Art Basil, Miami, FL.
collectivelymenu “Collectively, observations in the appearance of these monsters conclude…that this cosmos is not to endure eternally, but that it likewise will have its end.”
-wood, Masonite, laser engraved drawings and text.
tapetowermenu Tape Tower
-rolls of tape
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