wbmnsew Word Bubble: North. South. East. West.

-materials: steel, wood, WiFi LAN, digital media, sound.

exhibited: New Forms from the Southeast, Tattenall Square, Macon, GA.

Speakmenu Speaker
from series: Don’t/No/Cannot
cldchld Cloudscape
-materials: steel, polygal, LED Lighting.

Public Sculpture
Children’s Museum of Denver

-for more information please see http://www.thecloudscape.com

Cloudshomemenu.jpg  Clouds at Home

outdoor sculptural work

-materials: steel, polygal, LED Lighting.

staticmenu Static

Public Sculpture,

University of West Georgia, GA.

phonemenu.jpg Bacharach Phone

hotel telephone that only plays Burt Bacharach hit songs.

Tiger Strikes Asteroid-Satellite, Art Basil, Miami, FL

miamifogmenu  Fogroom

-outdoor public address speakers, audio/video equipment.

Tiger Strikes Asteroid-Satellite, Art Basil, Miami, FL

collectivelymenu  “Collectively, observations in the appearance of these monsters conclude…that this cosmos is not to endure eternally, but that it likewise will have its end.”

-wood, masonite, user engraved drawings and text.

tapetowermenu  Tape Tower

-rolls of tape

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