Obliteration of a Memory (Poem)

Obliteration of a Memory.
Something Facing South.

creeks and trees and roads passing
trees and creeks creak    creaks    crock

to boil those memories to the surface


over cakes and frostings
counter-functioning subjective object sits on the side of the highway

do we pass by without a thinking mechanism in play?

Instilled is a memory of when you were four years old.
standing by the tree on that highway
creaking-creak by the creek,

where the water trembled down
towards a rock, gurgling alongside that memory

of cake and icing on that frosted glass.

Glazed over and hazy memory spiraled down a collectively imagined construct of where humanity had begun.  It is in this pursuit that you find a comfort to own, to call into being.  Something to refer to when questioned about the unspecified and mysterious blankness staring back at you from alongside of the highway.

You stare back through the window
moving fast and slow     slowly   approach
slower    slowed   down paced


only one eternal moment.

It glistens in moonlight, a cake with legs walks walked walk over walking.

And by that direction you find yourself facing south.
The cake finds itself facing south.
You have become cake memory, staring at that memory of the cake on the side of
the road.
Thing has consciousness or at least destiny.

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